Research & Development

Ton Duc Thang University was established with the goal of becoming a Vietnamese higher education institution with excellent teaching, cutting-edge research and efficient management. Hence, research and development programs have been established in science and technology as well as in social science faculties with the overall emphasis on applied technologies. Students are informed of these opportunities when they first apply to the university. As a result, although Ton Duc Thang University has been in operation for only 14 years, it has developed into an institution with a rich and innovative research community. Together with the advancement of particular departments in each faculty, many centers for applied science and technology have been established to provide an exciting and stimulating environment for many professors, researchers, visiting scientists within Vietnam and abroad to collaborate in research. Thirteen modern centers are now in operation:


  • Center for Labor Safety & Environment Technology
  • Social Development Training Center (SDTC)
  • Center for practice, services, and training, technical transfer (CEPSATT)
  • Center for Physical Education & National Defense Education
  • Center for Food Testing
  • Center for Applied Economics
  • Center for Foreign Languages
  • Center for Applied Technology and Management (CATEM)
  • TDT TOEIC Center
  • Center for Consultancy & Construction Verification
  • Center for Applied Industrial Fine Arts
  • Center of International Studies (CIS)
  • European Cooperation Center (ECC)


These centers are all equipped with modern facilities and state-of-the-art instruments that allow Ton Duc Thang University to frequently host scientific exchanges and international conferences. We regularly invite well-known professors from Vietnamese and international institutions to deliver lectures and exchange experiences in scientific research with Ton Duc Thang University’s faculty and staff. The faculties within the university also have weekly or monthly technical information exchanges in order to promote collaborative research activities.


Moreover, Ton Duc Thang University academics have won scientific awards in recent years. Specifically, the Environment and Labor Safety faculty staff has earned international acclaim with several projects such as the “Mekong River Commission,” the “Environment and Labor Safety in Ho Chi Minh City,” the “System against Flood in Ho Chi Minh City,” etc. Another example is the Mechanical Calculations research group that has been making great progress in international publication of scientific research: They published 10 papers in international journals in 2010. The group also presented several papers in conferences, workshops, and symposia. Moreover, engineers, architects, lecturers, and professors of the Civil Engineering Faculty have regularly participated in the implementation and evaluation of major construction projects, especially, the construction of the main campus of Ton Duc Thang University itself.


Opportunities in research and development in science and technology have truly encouraged the spirit of innovation and creativity in Ton Duc Thang University students.