Department of Testing and Quality Assessment

Department of Testing and Quality Assessment (DTQA) was established on 15/10/2011 according to the decision No. 1001/2011/QD-TDT and functions under directions of the Presidential Board.


Key Accountabilities:


I. Testing


  • In charge of building and managing the University’s test bank as well as seeking agreement from faculties/divisions on the types of assessment prior to obtaining Presidential Board’s approval.
  • Consult with the Presidential Board to ensure the delivery of entrance/final exams complies with the policies and regulations stipulated by the University and the MOET.
  • Collaborate with faculties/departments to coordinate the exam proof check, exam printing and exam invigilation.
  • Research and apply information technology to exam writing and marking process.
  • Develop final exam guidelines and procedures.


II. Management of issuing diplomas, certificates and degrees


  • Coordinate with other divisions/departments to ensure relevant information about graduands are carefully checked.
  • Plan and arrange for the printing of diplomas, certificates and degrees.
  • Ensure the issue of diplomas and degrees is compliant with the University’s policy.
  • Ensure the distribution of printed diplomas/degrees to faculties and divisions is carried out properly.
  • Manage the data base of issued diplomas/degrees on computer systems and the destruction of faulty certificates/degrees in accordance with the regulations of the MOET.


III. Assessment of testing


  • Moderate random results and test samples to ensure the fairness and accuracy of exam marking process.
  • Analyze and process testing results.
  • Inform relevant faculties/divisions if any mistakes or discrepancies in marking process are detected.
  • Provide training to faculties/divisions about procedures, processes and methods to ensure the quality of training and assessment.


IV. Quality inspection


  • Evaluate different aspects of learners from the entrance stage to graduation as well as their progress..
  • Develop assessment tools used for training programs, lecturers’ teaching performance, students’ performance and graduates’ job status.
  • Collaborate with other divisions to carry out comprehensive solutions to ensure training quality, research and develop training programs, learning and teaching methods, and methods of training and assessment.
  • Organize and participate in internal and external audit on standards of quality assurance according to the requirements of the Ministry of Education and Training.
  • Collaborate with local and international organizations to organize activities with regard to quality assurance within DQTA’s authority.
  • Organize training courses on quality assessment for lecturers and staff.
  • Support and inspect the conduct of regular quality assessment activities at faculties/divisions.
  • Conduct survey and collaborate with internal and external organizations to ensure continuous improvements of training quality.
  • Inspect the implementation of TDT’s educational quality assessment and report to Presidential Board accordingly.
  • Conduct internal audits according to standards and criteria to be set as primary criteria for external audit conducted by the MOET. Participate in conferences and trainings; contribute presentations and proposals for educational quality testing in order to improve the University’s overall training quality.
  • Collaborate with Department of Inspection Legislation and Security, Department of Academic Affairs and Faculties to handle student’s complaints and appeals against assessment results.




  • Coordinate with other divisions to implement the work quality management in accordance with the provisions of ISO standards.
  • Implement the activities related to the ISO 9001:2015 for all divisions.
  • Review and update the procedures, work guidelines and propose to replace out- of- date procedures.
  • Monitor all activities related to the ISO for all divisions and make recommendations of improvements to the Presidential Board.