Department of Academic Affairs

Department of Academic Affairs of Ton Duc Thang University have officially come into operation since september 1997.


1. Functions


Department of Academic Affairs is a member of the school managing board have function of giving advise to the school managing board on the management and development of training courses; performing the work of management and training at university and colleges levels


2. Tasks


  • Building development plan, programs, training plans for university and colleges level

  • Organizing the research to identify the training needs , to perform as the basis for developing plan development of the long-term training. Assessing the suitability oftraining products to the requirements of the employers , giving advise to the school managing board on renewing the way of training, organizing the association and support the training systems according to the policy of the school.

  • Proposing enrollment targets. Organizing and implementing the university enrollment, from planning, receiving registration forms, holding exams, grating, admission, candidates admitted to convene.

  • Cooperating with faculties and departments and functional divisions to research and renew, complete all the goals, content, training programs, curriculum, structure of knowledge and teaching methods.

  • Cooperating with other divisions to value the teaching of teachers to ensure the quality of teaching staff

  • oderately managing and implementing teaching plans, studying in semester and year for the training systems. Cooperate with other divisions to use effectively and reasonably study rooms, other existing facilities.

  • Building schedule, exam schedule for the student of all training systems under sphere of control

  • Play a roll as a Permanent board of enrollment, graduation exams. Cooperate with the department of political education and students affair in emulation, commendation and discipline of students.

  • Managing the learning results of students of all training systems, evaluate the quality of training. Managing and issuing of diploma under regulations prescribed by the Ministry and school.

  • Receiving and processing all kinds of applications, registration forms, documents …relating to the training of university and college levels . Confirm, grant certificates andother papers for students under the jurisdiction of the division.