Department of Student Aid and Bussiness Collaboration Commission

  1. Student aid :

    • Introducing students part-time and full time jobs.

    • Introducing students accommodation.

    • Organizing free soft-skills training for students.

    • Introducing probationary, going and visiting places for seniors.

    • Finding funds for students’ scholarships.

    • Consulting, answering students’ questions involving in education, psychology…

  1. Business collaboration :

    • Cooporating with the school’s training center to organize the courses at the requests of enterprises; the courses with certifications, the courses taken at the students’ address for direct training, retraining and improving skills for workers, employees and labor.

    • Taking students to visiting, be on probation at the enterprises.

    • Inviting enterprises to participate in the teaching of practical subjects to students.

    • Cooporating to held workshops at school and at enterprises’ office.

    • Mobilizing scholarships from the enterprises.

  1. Alumni connection :

    • Helding the get-togethers of the alumni.

    • Surveying works of the students after one year of graduation .

    • Establishing and effectively maintaining the Alumni Contacts Commission.

    • Taking advance of the social relationships of alumni to mobilize scholarships’ funds and going and visiting, being on probation places for students.