Department of Administrative Operations

History of formation

  • Project of formation (14/03/1997) was set up at the same time with the project of forming TDT University

  • 07/11/1997: Project of formation was approved by the university managing board

  • 28/12/1998: Principal was signed the decision No. 33/TDT-QD, Office of aministrative operations was etablished

  • From February/1998 to November/2005, schools have three decisions were approved

  • NO.78/TDT-TCHC: 19, March, 1998

  • NO.155/TDT-QD: 24, February, 2000

  • NO74/TDT-TCNS: 25, November, 2005

This office used to be known as: office of administrative operations and equipments managment, office of administrative operations and Political Education & Student Affairs, and it is currently known as office of administrative operations


Functions and Tasks:

According to decision NO. 68/TDT-TCNS dated 26.07.2006 of Principal about issuing temporary regulations on the functions of the divisions at school, The main functions and taks of the office of administrative operations are:

  1. Functions:

  • Giving advise to the principal on the organization and personnel, general administration.

  • Carrying out policies for staffs, protecting internal politics, administrative,archive, storage, reception, security and the protection of public order and property of the school.

  1. Tasks:

  • Study to construct, develop, and reorganize the system of school .

  • Assist principal in decide the functions, tasks, power and structure of divisions of theschool.

  • Plan and carry out the plan to improve staffs and teachers

  • Study and propose the appointment of senior excutives for divisions of the school. Plan out and develop staff and employees to suit the requirements of development of the school.

  • Organize the implementation of policies for staffs. Recruit, raise salary and allowance, regimes and health insurance social insurance, unemployment insurance and human accident insurance; emulation, commendation and discipline. Coordinate with other related divisions to consider the titles

  • Play a role as standing recruiting board, raise salary, raise grade, emulation, commendation and discipline of the school

  • Carry out internal political protection, register procedures for staffs to go overseas

  • Manage and update personnel records, evaluations staffs every year. Update the list of staffs each year (changes, retired, transferred, quit …)

  • Preside, coordinate with other divisions to propose, adjust and supplement the regulations of the school’s internal expenditures

  • Monitor activities of the school’s centers

  • Summarize the situation, make the reports, statistics, schedule the task weekly, recording the meeting of the school managing board, make the report of the school level meetings. Monitoring the information and progress of activities of the divisions. Carry out the reports, the articles according to the requirement of the school managing board

  • Coordinate with other related divisions to organize conference of teaching staffs at the early of the school year

  • Implement the work of general, administrative, archive, storage, printing to serve the school’s activities. Receive, classify income documents, giving advise to the school managing board to handle administrative documents quickly and promptly. Managestamps and signature as prescribed. Issue the order sheet, letter of regcomendation, certificate for teaching staffs. Certify copies of documents issued by the school or thesenior according to the regulation of the principals.

  • Coordinate and use of the halls of the school

  • Manage the securityguards team. Make and carry out plans to maintain security and order in school. Coordinate with the office of equipment management in prevent and fight fire. Coordinating with police, local government in activities to maintain the security, order and social security in the school yard.

  • Management of medical staff, look after  the health of school staffs, students of the school

  • Play an important role in communication, arrange work schedule, receive visitors of schooll (except of international visitors)