Department of Student Affairs

  1.  History of formation and development

    • From Septemper/1997 to August/1998: Political Education & Student was a part of Dept. of education

    • From Septemper/1998: Dept. of Political Education & Student Affairs was founded

    • From Septemper/1998 to February/2000: Dept. of Political Education & Student Affairs

    • From February/2000 to November/2005: Merging of Department of administrative affairs and Department of Political Education & Student Affairs

    • From November/2005: devided into Department of administrative affairs and Department of Political Education & Student Affairs

    • From November/2005 to present: Dept. of Political Education & Student Affairs

  2. Purpose, Requirement – Duty

    1. Purpose

Political education and student affairs management is one of the main tasks of TDT University, in orther to accomplish the educational goal that is training Vietnamese youths to help them develope in lifestyle, knowledge, health, esthetics and career, loyal to the ideal of national independence and socialism, form and nurture the personality, qualities and abilities of citizens, meet the requirements of the building and protect the country.

  1. Requirement

    • Pupils and students are central figures in the school, the school assure students that the

    • Political education and student affairs management must based on guidelines and policies of the Party andState laws and regulations of the Ministry of Education and Training.

    • Political education and student affairs management must ensure objectivity and fairness, the processes of democracy are related to students must be open.

  2. Duty

    3.1 The organization of administrative

    • Receiving students who admitted into the school according to the rules of  Ministry of Education and Training and the school, arrange students, assign the staff of the class (class president, class vice president ) in the first course, make student cards for students

    • Receiving the students come to live in school dormitory.

    • Organizing a degree awarding ceremony for students

    • Solving administrative works that related to students.

    3.2. The organization and management of learning and training

    • Monitoring and evaluating the learning and training of students; classify and grade student at the end of each semester or school year, the course and organize competion and reward for comunities and individual students who have high achievements in education and training; take discipline for students who violate the regulations and rules.

    • Organizing “Week of activities for students” at the early of the course, begin and the end of the school year.

    •  Organizing the education of political ideology, ethics, lifestyle for students,  arrange cultural activities, entertainment, and activities beside school time for student participation in. Regularly organize dialogues between the principal and students. 

    3.3. The organization of health and sport

    • Organizi medical examination for students at the first semester; regulary have health examination for students. Have method in cases student have unqualified health to folow studying.

    • Creating opportunities as well as facilities for student to excersise, playing sports and organize physical activities for students to participate in

    3.4. Implementation of regulations and policies for students

    • Implement the goverment’s policies that regulate for students such as scholarships, tuition, welfare, insurance, credit, training and other benefits related to the students.

    • Creating conditions for disability students and students with difficulties.