Department of Inspection and Internal Supervision

Descended from the board of inspection and internal supervision which was established by the decision NO. 368/TDT-TCNS  of the principal on 29,may,2007. This board was established based on the merging of the available activities of schools, including training inspector , board of ISO, quality control, internal inspection and legal. This board was officially operated on 1, june, 2007. According to the decision No. 847/TDT-TCHC on 20, august, 2009, board of Inspection and internal supervision was conversed into the department of inspection and internal supervision since 1, septemper, 2009

Main tasks:

  1. Training and scientific research inspector

    1. Make up programs and inspection plans for each school year, submit it to the principal for approval

    2. Organize to carry out the program, inspection plans was approved

    3. Inspect the implementation of the training program, teaching plan every year andevery semester at all the level of training and all the training system

    4. Inspect the content and the rate, the method of teaching of each subject randomly

    5. Inspect the implementation of regulations in training and regulations in scientific and technology research, and all the regulations, other relevant notification was issued by the school

    6. Inspect the issuing diplomas or certificates

    7. Inspecting the implementation of regulations on lesson plans, lectures, attendingclass as an observer, improve professional, improve professional of teachers

    8. Inspect and supervise the work of recruitment, students profile

    9. Check the profile graduated students

    10. Submit to the President to sign the decision of irregular inspection when detectingthe individual or division that violate the law or the regulations on training, or when there are request for resolve complaints, reports

    11. Ask the suspect to report and produce files and documents related to inspected contents; recommend to the person who have competent to organize and leadtraining tasks to solve the shortcomings of the processes of the training tasks

    12. Making memos and petitions to ask principal to handle with the mistakes of theboard of examination and the persons who participate in all the sections of the board of examination when detecting violations of regulations

    13. Giving advises and propose feasible solutions to the princible to resolve all the complaints, reports related to the examinations

    14. Implementate other inspection tasks related to the training delivered by theprincipal.

  1. ISO

Coordinate with other divisions to manage the quality of affairs at school according tothe requirement of ISO 9001:2000

  1. Quality inspection:

    1. Make up exam questions delivery process, copy and print exam questions, exam questions security and submit to principal for approval

    2. Assume a role in holding all the examinations of the school according to the regulations of the school and government.

    3. Coordinate with other divisions of school to verify the educational quality according to the ministry of education and training. 

  1. Internal inspections and legislation

    1. Supervise the implementation of administrative regulations at all the offices, boards and faculties

    2. Participate in resolving feedbacks of the staffs, lecturers, employees, students and visitors

    3. Update regularly all the statutory requirements in all the areas (education law, labor law, all the decree of the government, all the relevanted decisions, regulations and guidance , the new provisions of the TCVN, the requirements , laws about common areas: industrial hygiene, safety, environment…, all the requirements and laws about professional: accounting, finance, construction, information technology, electrical and electronic….

    4. Review and check documents, regulations issued by the school.