Department of Computing & Computer Services

1. Functions

  • Managing and exploiting the information technology applications in the right direction, purpose, function and operation of the school under the provisions of the State.


2. Tasks

  • Publicizing the school on the Internet.

  • Developing school facilities through the Internet. Creating a good environment for teaching, learning, research, job search and exchange information on domestic and international forums.

  • Strengthening ICT in the management of operations and training institutions. Progress to perform enrollment, receive students, distance learning, online training, classroom organization, forum, discussion, workshop training online. Gradually integrated with the overall development trend.

  • Building plans for brand development towards modernization. Gradually building a library of electronic libraries – the number.

  • Planning for purchase, receiving, exchange, addition of the materials, electronic materials, … to serve well for the training, learning and research.

  • Managing and organizing towards the use of equipment and modern technology, improve efficiency and service quality, service.

  • Regularly updating information, organizing introduction for new information, specialized information.

  • Implement the integration of library and computing. Statisticing, reporting promptly as directed by the managing board.

  • Managing and efficiently using of labor, facilities and vehicles and equipment assigned by the school.