Department of Finance

TDT university’s departments of finance (formerly the department of financial planning) officially came into operation from september 1997.


1. Functions

Department of Finance is a division of the university managing board, the main function of department of finance is giving advises and assisting to the university managing board in managing of finance – accounting according to the law.


2. Tasks

Department of Finance have the following main tasks:

  • Based on the work plans of the university, the source of revenue from tuition fees and other revenue sources to estimate the quarterly revenue and expenditure, based on the regulations, actively balance between revenue sources and needs expenditure to ensure maintain stably expenses for all the activities of the University.

  • Collect and manage sources of revenue, payment of expenses, check and control the observance of revenue-expenditure estimation, as well as the observance of the standards of the government and the University to make sure that management and use of school funds is resonable and effective.

  • Collect, process data of accounting information that were classifed based on objects and contents of the accounting standards and accounting systems. Check and supervise the sources of revenue, expenditures. Supervise the management and the use of fund. Detect and prevent violations of financial and accounting laws . Analyze information and accounting data. Advise and suggest solutions for the requirements of management and economic decisions, the school finance. Provide information and accounting data according to the law. Maintain, store accounting documents and keep secret all documents andaccounting data according to regulations.

  • Plan and submit the financial reports, tax reports and other statistical reports on time.

  • Coordinate with other divisions to organize and manage the properties, supplies and equipments of the entire school. Inventory and check them periodically or abnormal all the properties according to the requirement of the management. Supervise the maintainance, upgrade, improvement properties, and the use of that properties

  • Deploy, disseminate and popularize rules, regulations and intructions to implement the regimes, financial policies according to the law timely

  • Preside or coordinate , participate with other relevant devisions to perform other duties which assigned by the Board.