Department of Facilities Management

1. Functions

Giving advise to the principal on the planning, construction, development, management and use of school’s facilities (land, buildings, machinery and equipment …) of school. Purchase and monitor using school property for teaching, scientific research and study


2. Tasks

  1. Making up plan for management of school facilities, monitoring the purchase, maintenance and use of facilities of divisions

  2. Department of equipment management cooperate with department of financial planning and department of administrative organization to carry out inventory of assets, public properties of school periodically or as the request of the senior. Monitor and examine the use of facilities, plants, furnitures…managed and used by the divisions

  3. Putting forward the idea of clearance, disposal any facilities that broken or unsuable, to make sure take full avantage and saving in using

  4. Organizing, managing and repairing of vehicles, timely and effectively response to the needs of school

  5. Taking responsibility for managing facilities in the entire campus,  classrooms, halls, laboratories, computer rooms, workshops, …, landscape , the accommodation platform … concurrent , keeping hygiene to serve teaching, learning and research ofall staff, lecturers, employees and students in school

  6. Taking responsibility for the prevent degradation which is managed by the school

  7. Managing the use of telephone, electricity and water in school and centers, cafeteria. Make sure internal telephones that used to serve assignments run smoothly.