Faculty of the Environment and Labour Safety

Welcome to The Faculty of Environment and Labour Safety, one of the best teaching and research faculties of our university. Environmental engineering at TDT University is concerned with the mitigation of risks associated with pollution from wastes, towards the sustainable protection of human health and the environment. This multidisciplinary subject requires an understanding of biology, chemistry, physics, engineering, socio-economics, and legislation in the pursuit of solutions for the sustainable provision of clean air, land and water for humankind.


We are a leading provider of unique courses in environment engineering which attract many students as well as employers’ attention. We work closely with employers to ensure that our courses give you the skills that they are looking for. Staffs in the faculty contribute to the environment engineering field by providing lectures informed by our recent research findings, practical sessions using our excellent laboratory and field site facilities, and by offering a range of exciting and inspiring projects. We also pride ourselves on our research into areas such as labour safety, water processing, and environment preservation, etc.


There are three departments in Faculty of Environment and Labor Safety, as follows:


  • Safety, Health and Environmental Engineering
  • Environmental Engineering Technology (Water Supply and Sanitation)
  • Environmental Science (Environmental Technology)