Faculty of Labor Relations and Trade Unions

This is the youngest Faculty of TDT University. The programme study aims to train the technocrats in the field of labor relations managers and trade union activities have moral and professional skills in the construction and development corporation personal and labor relations.


Program orientation and training practices help learners better able to apply the theory to the work organization, management, and build harmonious labor relations in order to create optimal development opportunities for employees on the spirit of respect and social interests and the interests of stakeholders. In addition, the program also provides knowledge and skills necessary to help learners can participate in business process management in the enterprise.



Career opportunities: The Bachelors graduated in Labor relations can work in all types of the units and enterprises in the country with a mission to protect the legitimate rights for workers, as a bridge between the employee and the employer in the process of production and business management at the unit, enterprise, consulting for employers and employees about the provisions of law.