Faculty of Electrical & Electronics Engineering

The Faculty of Electricity & Electronics was established in 1997. It is the key faculty of the University. The Faculty’s mission is to provide to the country, in particular in the Southern part, well-trained engineers in electricity & electronics areas. The Faculty currently trains three majors: electronics & telecommunications, power system, and automation.


The Faculty of Electricity & Electronics have been taking efforts to retain its rank as one of the top educators relevant to electricity & electronics in the Southern part of the country by a complete curriculum built in compliance with European standard, under the supporting of education experts from Netherlands, as well as recruiting lecturers either who was outstandingly graduate students from well-known universities or who got PhD (or Master) degree, as well as experts with a lot of practical experience. The Faculty also owns laboratories equipped with modern devices for students practicing and keeping track of cutting edge technology in electricity & electronics areas.


For teaching and administrative purposes, the Faculty is divided into three departments as follows:


  • Department of Electronics and Telecommunications
  • Department of Power System Engineering
  • Department of Automation