Faculty of Social Sciences & Humanities

The Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH) was established on 24-September-1997. It trains two majors: Sociology and Vietnamese Studies. The faculty involves a Social Development Training Centre that provides practical and high-quality training courses for officers and staffs working in social organizations. In addition, the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities is responsible for training basic subjects on Social Sciences and Humanities for the students of other majors.




Sociology students will have theoretical knowledge, methodology and methods to study social laws and phenomena. They can apply theories in assessing the reality of social phenomena, human behaviours along with social institutions, and orienting those behaviours; practice the skills in studying the difference amongst social groups in various areas of the social life. In addition, sociology students will exercise skills of analysis, criticism, reasoning and situation handling, teamwork and communication. The knowledge and skills accumulated during the study time will be the important career equipment to enable a student to work in various areas and meet the changing demands of labour market.



Vietnamese Studies students will be provided with the following knowledge and skills fundamental and systematic knowledge about history, culture and society of Vietnam and other countries, fundamental knowledge about tourism resources, tourism industry, methods to study and make use of tourism, and intensive skills in tourism, restaurant – hotel, resort, business of restaurant – hotel, specialized tourist services, communication and teamwork.



There are three departments in the Faculty of Social Sciences & Humanities, as follows:

  • Department of Sociology
  • Department of Vietnamese Studies
  • Department of Social Work