Faculty of Applied Sciences

The Faculty of Applied Sciences was established on 16th July, 2001. In the Faculty, there are 43 lecturers and assistant lecturers in which 13 lecturers have PhD degree. The Faculty currently trains two majors: Chemistry Engineering and Biotechnology. Since 2007, the Faculty has started to recruit Master students of the Chemistry Engineering Major. Faculty has 7 laboratory divisions equipped with many modern devices and instruments, facilitating undergraduate and graduate students to practice and research.


The laboratory divisions are listed below:

  • General Physics Laboratory
  • General Chemistry Laboratory
  • Inorganic – Physic Chemistry Laboratory
  • Organic Chemistry Laboratory
  • Bio Chemistry – Microorganics Laboratory
  • Processes and Devices Laboratory
  • Analytical Chemistry Laboratory

For teaching and administrative purposes, the Faculty is organized into the Seven Departments as follows:

  • Department of Physics
  • Department of Technical Chemistry
  • Department of Inorganic Materials
  • Department of Organic Materials
  • Department of Organic Synthesis
  • Department of General & Analytical Chemistry
  • Department of Biotechnology